2018’s Best Log Management & Server Monitoring Conferences & Events

We’re concerned with all things downtime prevention here at Blue Matador, so we thought it appropriate to publish our own list of DevOps conferences for 2018.

Our hope is that among other DevOps conference lists out there, we can help you find...

Downtime-Prevention Software Company Blue Matador Announces $1 Million Seed Round

[Note: This press release originally appeared on PRMWire.]

Golang Pros & Cons for DevOps (Part 5 of 6): Cross-Platform Compiling

In part 5 of Goalng Pros & Cons for DevOps, we discuss cross-platform compilation for Go projects.

Presenting at Invest Southwest’s 2018 Venture Madness Competition in Phoenix

Last year we were thrilled to compete and win 2nd place in the Silicon Slopes Start Madness Competition, where we took home $100,000. This year, we’re pleased to announce we’ve been invited to compete in the 2018 Venture Madness Competition at...

Downtime is Killing Trust in Your Customer Support Team

When the customer support reps at your company think of “downtime,” they’re probably not thinking of “reduced activity or inactivity”. Instead, they probably think of stressful barrages of support calls and exploding social media accounts...

What is Blue Matador?

Blue Matador is the recommendation engine for preventing downtime.Receive specific action items to proactively fix your infrastructure and software before it breaks.

With auto-configured recommendations and integrations with your tech stack, it's like having an additional engineer on 24/7 watch for you. 

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