2018 Predictions for DevOps Downtime Prevention

DevOps is a growing field. But it's also a tough job. Here are our predictions on what is on the horizon for downtime prevention in 2018 and how they will impact your day to day soon.

Anomaly detection

Increased access to voluminous real-time data carries the additional burden of identifying relevant signals in a noisy sea of information. Whether it’s predicting and preventing a critical IT infrastructure outage or identifying a single unwanted user in traffic of millions, these are among the most crucial and requested AI and machine learning capabilities.


We’re not there yet...we might not ever want to get all the way there...but removing mundane tasks and empowering machines to learn on their own hold promise for increased innovation, productivity and workplace satisfaction. As has been predicted for decades, it is time to consider the implications of environments where machines are working in tandem with humans. Like HAL 9000 promised, we are close to achieving the vision of putting machines to the fullest possible use, which is all that any conscious entity, breathing or binary, can ever hope to do.


To meet increasing expectations for governance, and audit and compliance requirements, all while maintaining development velocity, many teams will embrace DevSecOps. Just as IT organizations are performing a “shift left” to build more monitoring capability into their delivery platforms and applications, they will “shift left” with their security requirements as well. This means developers will have a larger role (and more accountability) for ensuring the security of their applications and the data they process. Likewise, security teams will need to collaborate more with development and operations teams to secure applications and delivery processes.

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