Integrating Slack with Blue Matador

Slack is a popular team communication platform that allows users to collaborate in real-time. Blue Matador uses Slack to help engineering teams prevent downtime.

With our Slack integration, receive Blue Matador updates in the same place you collaborate. Since Slack notifications are easily adjusted, team members (like on-call engineers) can be notified right away. And those who want to know — but not necessarily right away — can turn off notifications but still see channel history.

Dedicate a channel within Slack specifically for Blue Matador notifications, or have notifications sent to individuals or existing team channels. However your team uses Slack, integrate Blue Matador into your workflow so you can prevent downtime — not react to it.

How to Connect Slack

  1. Go to the Slack Notifications Setup page in the Blue Matador app.
  2. Click the Add to Slack button.Add to Slack screenshot
  3. Select the Channel that Blue Matador can post to, then click Authorize.Authorize Slack App screenshot
  4. Select the slices of your Prevention Timeline (P1, P2, P3, etc.) that will be sent to the authorized Slack channel. If this is your first time using the app, just leave the default values for now. You will be able to change this setting after setup is complete. Select Timeline Slices screenshot
  5. In the Send Test Message step, click the Test button to verify that Blue Matador has correct permissions to post in the channel you selected.Send Test message screenshot
  6. Click the Save button, and you're done! Save screenshot
  7. To set up more notifications, just click the connect button for the integration you want.Connect More Integrations screenshot

Now you are ready to receive recommendation updates directly in Slack. Don't forget to set up additional notifications for urgent issues to ensure your on-call team knows about the important issues right away.Slack notifications example screenshot

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We began with the goal of making monitoring truly proactive — not reactive. At Blue Matador, we provide peace of mind for DevOps professionals by enabling them to proactively monitor their infrastructure for the first time.