Introducing the New Blue Matador: Your Dashboard with Specific Recommendations on Fixing and Preventing Downtime

If there’s one thing I know from my years as a system administrator, it’s the destruction cycle. My site breaks. I fix it at work. My site breaks again. So I fix it again, but this time while on vacation. Then my site breaks again. And I fix it — yet again — but it’s 2 A.M. and I’m at home, losing my sanity.

That’s because software breaks. And when it breaks, we all lose revenue, customer confidence, and productivity. IT service interruptions cost companies $700 billion each year — an average of $5,600 per minute is lost to completely preventable outages.

Traditionally, DevOps monitoring has taken a reactive stance to downtime, requiring engineers to investigate spikes on graphs after service interruptions have already affected customers.

But we don’t have to react to downtime like that.

So today, I’m introducing the new Blue Matador, the DevOps recommendation engine for preventing downtime.

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Prevention Timeline: Your Downtime Incident Calendar With 30-Day Lookahead


This is something I would have loved when I had my third son, Noah. Though he was born by C-section and my wife was still in recovery, I had to work on fixing production issues that day because I was chief architect at Lucid Software. If only I had advanced warning about the impending downtime before my wife checked in to the hospital. Read more about that story here.

The better way to managing downtime is by predictive lookahead. We empower your team with up to 30 days of advanced warning with your Prevention Timeline, a personalized calendar that shows you recommendation cards with specific, actionable fixes. And these recommendations come in real time and up to a month in advance.

So you’ll see all the problems coming your way and have time to address them before they actually strike. It’s all powered by our platform’s artificial intelligence, which continuously monitors your unique infrastructure for leading indicators. It’s like an having extra engineer on 24/7 watch.

Learn more about the Prevention Timeline here.

Downtime Prevention Score™: The New Metric for Measuring and Reporting Downtime


It’s the industry's first and only metric that tracks how well you respond to downtime threats. Prevent issues earlier to increase your score. Your DPS is only found in Blue Matador’s dashboard.

You can also visualize your DPS over time in our dashboard’s DPS Trends widget. Strive for scores of 90 or higher to maximize your uptime and reach greater levels of reliability for your customers.

Learn more about the Downtime Prevention Score and other Blue Matador features here.

Blue Matador Pricing

We’re big fans of Datadog, the most popular cloud-based server monitoring service in the world. And we think they provide a ton of monitoring value while only charging $15 per server per month. That’s why we’ve decided to match their pricing model by offering all of Blue Matador’s features for the same simple price.

Learn more about pricing here.

I invite you to take uptime by the horns with Blue Matador, the only DevOps monitoring tool that helps you prevent application downtime — not react to it.

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Matthew Barlocker


Matthew has experienced the pain of being on call to fix application issues. He founded Blue Matador to provide engineers a recommendation engine for preventing downtime. In his spare time, Matthew loves flying airplanes, playing boardgames, and spending time with his wife and three boys.