Introducing the New Blue Matador UX

At Blue Matador, our mission is to provide a fundamentally different server monitoring service — one that proactively identifies potential issues and provides recommended fixes before an incident or downtime occurs. Today we’re excited to announce a broad product update that greatly moves us closer to fulfilling our mission.

In this product update, we are introducing a new classification system where our recommendations are categorized into three categories – Alerts, Warnings and Anomalies. This classification system enables us to provide recommendations with greater precision and value, enabling users to stay ahead of the curve and address issues on their own schedule, before they become fire drills.

What’s new with Blue Matador?

Alerts are critical issues you need to address immediately. We’ll route these alerts to your incident management system and provide context and troubleshooting tips to quickly and efficiently address these issues. 

Warnings are critical issues that need to be addressed but which are not worth waking up in the middle of the night for. These can be addressed on your own schedule by acknowledging them and creating a task in your project management software like Jira, Trello, etc.

Anomalies are items that are abnormal but don’t represent an immediate threat to your systems’ health. Anomalies are presented alongside Alerts and Warnings in the new Anomaly Timeline. The timeline provides context for Alerts and Warnings, helping you find the root cause of an issue without having find the needle in the haystack by sifting through graphs and data.

Digest Emails are daily or weekly summaries of the recent incidents in your infrastructure. They’re a valuable resource to get a snapshot of your infrastructure’s health and to communicate to others the value of proactively addressing issues to maintaining optimal system health. 

Troubleshooting Tips explain short- and long-term solutions to more than 30 types of issues to enable you to resolve incidents faster. They’re especially useful to new team members or junior DevOps engineers just learning the ropes of your infrastructure. 

Onboarding is seamless and designed to take less than 30 mins. You tell us the data sources you want us to monitor and where/how you want to be notified. Our system will automatically start monitoring your infrastructure and provide recommendations without you having to manually tweak thresholds or configure policies.  

We’d love to share a live demo of the product with you and get your feedback and insights.  Please click on the link below and enter your contact info and our team will be in touch within 24 hours.

– The Blue Matador Team


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Blue Matador Staff


We began with the goal of making monitoring truly proactive — not reactive. At Blue Matador, we provide peace of mind for DevOps professionals by enabling them to proactively monitor their infrastructure for the first time.