Delight Customers This Black Friday: 7 Surefire Strategies to Prevent Downtime

Every year when Black Friday comes around the corner, system engineers working for retailers start battening down the hatches to ensure website availability.

Golang Pros & Cons for DevOps (Part 4 of 6): The Time Package and Method Overloading

The long-awaited continuation of the Golang Pros & Cons for DevOps has returned! In this one, we discuss Golang's time package and the lack of method overloading in the language.

Sponsoring SaltConf17 in the Name of Preventing Downtime

Three weeks ago, we teased the introduction of the #DowntimeBull in our sponsorship announcement of SaltStack's SaltConf17.

We're back from the conference and we're pleased to report that more than 60 attendees had a chance to challenge the bull,...

Searching ELB Access Logs With Lumberjack

Most people using AWS EC2 to host something use AWS Elastic Load Balancing for easy, cheap, and config-less load balancing. Since most of your traffic will pass through the ELB, it makes sense to enable access logs so you can refer to them when...

Enforcing Method Presence in React Components with Flow

Recently I was on Flow’s Gitter when someone asked the following question:

Ride the #DowntimeBull at SaltConf17 Nov. 1–2, 2017

We’re pleased to announce that Blue Matador is sponsoring SaltStack’s SaltConf17 event on Wednesday and Thursday, Nov. 1–2, 2017, in the Salt Shack Expo Hall at the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City. Because that’s a lot of “salt,” we’re spicing up...

Blue Matador Platform Wins 2017 Impact Startup Battlefield Competition in Las Vegas

We were invited to compete in the Internet Marketing Association’s IMPACT17 Startup Battlefield Competition held at the Enclave in Las Vegas from September 28–29.

How to Land That DevOps Job You’ve Been Coveting

If you’ve started a career in development or operations, or if you’ve got an IT background and want to make a switch, transitioning to a cushy but intellectually rewarding DevOps job at your dream company may not be as difficult as it seems.

MySQL Auto Incremented Tables and Upserts

According to best practices, when modeling a MySQL relation that has a UUID as its id, you should still create a hidden numeric auto_increment field for the primary key. Doing so has all sorts of performance advantages (see this post from the...

How Better DevOps Processes Could Have Saved Equifax from Data Breach Fallout

If you’ve ever obtained credit in the United States, you’re 44.3% likely to be one of the 143 million hacked Equifax accounts that the company disclosed on September 7.

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