Announcing the Beta Launch of the Blue Matador DevOps Monitoring Platform

After year and a half of development, multiple private releases and feedback cycles, and an uncountable number of SweeTARTS Chewies and Peanut Butter Butter M&M’s, we are pleased to announce the launch of our platform beta!

Blue Matador is the first DevOps monitoring platform to combine all your monitoring tools under one login so you can focus on preventing downtime, not fighting fires. It’s also powered by artificial intelligence to send you and your team predictive alerts that help preemptively prevent downtime before it happens.

The Blue Matador platform is currently comprised of two integrated monitoring apps — one free and one paid — with more applications on the way. And if you sign up for the beta before July, you will get 30 days of Lumberjack for free plus some limited edition Blue Matador beta swag. We’d also really appreciate your feedback to help us improve our products.

Already ready to sign up? Click here to start. Not sure about Blue Matador yet? You can check out a short screencast of our sleek, dark-UI web app below:

So, what monitoring tools are in the Blue Matador platform?

Lumberjack: Centralized Log Management 2.0

If you’re in DevOps, you know that every company which operates at least one server or application — from Fortune 100 powerhouses to lean, garage-based startups — needs monitoring software to ensure their customers receive high uptime, often referred to as the elusive “five 9s of availability.” According to research conducted by Gartner, downtime costs organizations up to a staggering $5,600 per minute, a distressing call for businesses and customers alike.


Lumberjack’s customizable dashboard make it easy to visualize your data to identify problems and prevent downtime before it happens.

That’s where Lumberjack comes in. You may have tried logging software before, or even have a logging stack installed on your servers right now. But what sets Lumberjack apart from our competition is its AI-powered, predictive alerts that notify your team of impending downtime issues before they occur and without you having to configure anything out of the box.

Lumberjack’s alerts are auto-generated from AI, so your team will receive notifications for server problems you didn’t even know about but which were problems nonetheless.

Logging software requires agents to collect log files whether they are advertised as “agentless” or not. Install the Blue Matador smart agent with a single command (if you’re on Linux, or with a single .msi installer on Windows) and see why we created our own agent, built on Google’s golang to ensure minimal CPU overhead (<2%), memory overhead (<20MB), and network overhead (90% gzip compression).

Pricing for Lumberjack is based on three factors: data ingest, search availability, and archive retention for compliance purposes. You can also estimate your bill with our simple calculator.


Our beautiful, dark-UI web app makes centralized logging and system monitoring easy and pleasing to the eye. To enable Lumberjack on all your servers, for example, all you’ve got to do is enable this switch in the app after you’ve installed the Blue Matador smart agent.

Watchdog: Free-Forever System Vitals Monitoring

Watchdog is the predictive system-level vitals monitor that notifies site reliability engineers and additional IT staff with Essential Alerts™, proactively alerting them on hardware issues they need to know about to improve uptime.

With Watchdog on your team, you won’t have to worry about the basic health metrics of your servers, such as running out of disk space, swap space, or memory. The best part is that there’s no configuration to get these alerts. All you have to do is install the agent and you’re covered.

Watchdog is free for a special purpose: We have spent years doing on-call DevOps monitoring, day and night. Because we get the frustration of constant, on-call firefighting, always balancing the need to fix production, add more monitoring, and do more of the ‘real’ DevOps work, we’re making Watchdog available for free forever.

Why Choose the Blue Matador Platform?

Blue Matador is a tightly integrated platform of monitoring products that work together and share a common system agent, reducing the complexity of DevOps monitoring processes for teams. Lumberjack and Watchdog both run on Blue Matador’s smart agent, the shared system daemon that runs all of Blue Matador’s monitoring products.

Some benefits of having all your monitoring applications in the Blue Matador Platform:

  • Free to try - No credit card required
  • 1 to 15 mins faster MTTR - Decrease your mean time to resolution
  • Installs in 1 minute - Just a single command line install
  • Monitor all your systems - Works across all Linux and Windows Server racks
  • 1 login - Simplify your workflow and corporate security requirements
  • 1 agent - Reduce your server overhead

Our shared smart agent, common among all current and future Blue Matador DevOps monitoring products, works on Linux and Windows servers. On Linux, the agent installs in 23 seconds with a simple, one-line command. A convenient .msi package makes deploying to all your Windows racks easy, too.

Ready to join the beta? Sign up here. Not ready? Sign up for blog updates from Blue Matador and stay in the loop.

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Blue Matador is the AI-powered DevOps monitoring platform that solves the "Franken-monitor" effect, enabling organizations to have all their monitoring tools in one place.

What is Blue Matador?

Blue Matador is the AI-powered DevOps monitoring platform that provides real-time, predictive alerts that help your team decrease downtime and increase customer confidence in your brand. Learn more

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Watchdog is the free server monitor that sends you and your team proactive system vitals alerts, proactively notifying you of all the metrics you need to know to prevent downtime. Install for free

Lumberjack is the AI-powered centralized log management tool that proactively warns your DevOps team of impending server and app issues that affect uptime. Try free for 14 days