Start Madness Winner Blue Matador, Inc. Announces Successful First-week Results of Its AI-Powered DevOps Monitoring Platform Beta

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (June 26, 2017) — Blue Matador Inc., a DevOps software startup based in Herriman, Utah, and 2nd-place winner of the 2017 Silicon Slopes Start Madness Competition, today announced the first-week beta results of its AI-powered DevOps monitoring platform, also called Blue Matador.

“Our beta launch week started as planned and our testers were impressed,” said Matthew Barlocker, founder and CEO. “Additionally, Blue Matador’s reach can be considered ‘international’ now that we’ve successfully installed on servers in Africa thanks to Shopp!ng, an e-commerce platform based in Nigeria’s Lagos tech hub, which installed on June 23.”

Preliminary feedback shared on Twitter indicates Blue Matador’s beta users consider the platform’s beta launch a positive one:

  • “Blue Matador was easy to set up, and it seems really useful. Loving it so far,” said Steve Albrechtsen, software engineer at FourSteps

  • “The interface is really slick!” said Phillip Shipley, IT software development manager at SIL International

  • “I’m impressed!” said Dave Geurts, CTO at Suralink

Upcoming beta installs include Lucid Software of South Jordan, maker of cloud-based Lucidchart and Lucidpress; Canopy, a Lehi-based tax practice efficiency and resolution software company; Medici, a subsidiary of Midvale-based; and Brigham Young University’s Life Sciences Department in Provo.

Running for 30 days and accepting free sign ups through June 30, the Blue Matador beta brings together centralized log management in its Lumberjack product and system vitals monitoring in its Watchdog tool as a cohesive platform that shares a common system agent. The platform will officially launch on July 1.

Lumberjack: Centralized Log Management 2.0

Every company that operates at least one server or application — from Fortune 100 powerhouses to lean, garage-based startups — needs monitoring software to ensure their customers receive high uptime, often referred to as the elusive “five 9s of availability,” or 99.999 percent reliability. According to research conducted by Gartner, downtime costs organizations up to $5,600 per minute,1 a distressing call for businesses and customers alike.

Lumberjack is the AI-powered centralized log management tool answering that call by proactively warning DevOps teams of impending server and app issues through its predictive alerting system, helping improve site availability and overall customer satisfaction to achieve near-100 percent SLA ability. Lumberjack does this as it cuts through server and application logs with its auto-discovery feature that parses all log formats and presents them in easily scannable dashboards and explorers. With predictive alerts powered by artificial intelligence, Lumberjack notifies DevOps personnel of impending downtime up to 15 minutes faster than competing log analytics tools.

Watchdog: Free-Forever System Vitals Monitoring

Watchdog is the predictive system-level vitals monitor that notifies site reliability engineers and additional IT staff with Essential Alerts™, proactively alerting them on hardware issues they need to know about to improve uptime.

“With Watchdog on your team, you won’t have to worry about the basic health metrics of your servers, such as running out of disk space, swap space, or memory,” Barlocker said. “The best part is that there’s no configuration to get these alerts. All you have to do is install the agent and you’re covered.”

Organizations can install and use Watchdog for free now by visiting and downloading the common Blue Matador platform agent, available for Linux and Windows servers.

Introducing the Blue Matador Platform

Blue Matador is a tightly integrated platform of monitoring products that work together and share a common system agent, reducing the complexity of DevOps monitoring processes for teams. Lumberjack and Watchdog both run on Blue Matador’s smart agent, the shared system daemon that runs all of Blue Matador’s monitoring products.

“Users can expect one- to fifteen-minutes faster mean time to resolution (MTTR), a single login for all their DevOps monitoring needs, and a single, low-overhead agent to handle all the monitoring,” Barlocker said. “And Blue Matador’s platform is free to try, with no credit card required to create an account and install the common platform agent or the Watchdog system vitals monitoring tool, making a proof of concept (POC) of Blue Matador easy for your team.”

About Blue Matador, Inc.

Blue Matador, Inc. is a fast-growing, Utah-based software company, backed by Kickstart Seed Fund and Epic Ventures. The company garnered a 2nd-place win of $100,000 in the 3rd-annual Silicon Slopes Start Madness Competition. Founded in June 2016 by Matthew Barlocker and Mark Siebert, formerly of Lucid Software, Blue Matador exists to provide DevOps teams a single monitoring platform that increases site uptime and improves end-user satisfaction. Lumberjack, its centralized log management tool, and Watchdog, the free system vitals monitor, comprise the Blue Matador platform, which shares a common system agent for Linux and Windows servers and applications. Additional disruptive DevOps monitoring tools in the Blue Matador suite will follow.

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1 Lerner, A. (2014, July 16). The Cost of Downtime. Gartner Blog Network:

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