Blue Matador Platform Wins 2017 Impact Startup Battlefield Competition in Las Vegas

We were invited to compete in the Internet Marketing Association’s IMPACT17 Startup Battlefield Competition held at the Enclave in Las Vegas from September 28–29.

Though we competed against two other incredible startups, Hykso punch trackers and Bob’s Repair contractor transaction network, we are pleased to announce we won the pitching competition, netting $25,000 of in-kind marketing and PR spend from Orange County, California-based KCOMM.

In a word, we’re thrilled!

We appreciated the opportunity to participate, and we are eager to work with KCOMM to assist us with our marketing and PR efforts.

The Blue Matador DevOps Monitoring Platform Wins Again

We reported back in January that we had won second place in Silicon Slopes’ Start Madness Competition held at the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City, where we received $100,000 in convertible notes from Kickstart Seed Fund and EPIC Ventures.

Last week’s win in Vegas means we have two awards sitting in our office (er, um, basement). In a nutshell, these wins further legitimize the Blue Matador Platform, which is the real winner of these prizes.

We say that about our platform because at both competitions what was really onstage was our AI-powered monitoring platform—specifically built for DevOps engineers. Matthew Barlocker, Blue Matador’s co-founder and CEO, gave the pitch, but the platform won the award.

Our monitoring platform exited beta in late July.

While we said we were thrilled, our customers are more so because these AI-generated alerts predict downtime before it occurs, giving our user base 5 to 15 minutes additional MTTR (mean time to resolution) on average than competing log management and server monitoring solutions.

What’s Next for the Blue Matador Platform, Watchdog, and Lumberjack

We recently rolled out Watchdog Custom Alerts, which detects changes in a directory and sends an alert when a file is created or removed from the directory. This new feature opens up many possibilities in addition to the automatically configured alerts that come out of the box with Watchdog.

We also have a new demo environment for a more detailed and insightful look into Watchdog and Lumberjack’s use cases. We’ve revamped Lumberjack’s Log Explorer to improve search history and time series drill down for better insights and root cause analysis.

Recent Buzz About Watchdog and Lumberjack

“Watchdog’s server alerting is like a smoke detector whereas other monitoring tools are like arson investigators.” –Brent Hill, Partner, Origin Ventures

“There’s no way to visualize data on the fly in Google’s Stackdriver. You’re left sifting through a list of returned results based on a search. Lumberjack is a lot more flexible and makes it easier to see what’s going on.” –Andrew Hurd, Sr. Software Engineer, ZipBooks

“I gotta say, Watchdog is pretty cool for a free offering. I hope that can continue.” –Aaron Mefford, VP of Technology & Development, DMG

“Lumberjack was truly a simple and seamless deployment. I’m super stoked to use machine learning for DevOps!” –Dave Geurts, CTO, Suralink

“The installation is so absurdly simple, even a monkey could do it. I don’t need any configuration to get alerts, and when we receive them, they are very descriptive and concise, helping us quickly investigate the problem. We use Microsoft Azure for alerting also, but yours are better and more reliable.” –Álvaro de la Vega Olmedilla, Backend Developer/DevOps Engineer, WePlan

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