Ride the #DowntimeBull at SaltConf17 Nov. 1–2, 2017

We’re pleased to announce that Blue Matador is sponsoring SaltStack’s SaltConf17 event on Wednesday and Thursday, Nov. 1–2, 2017, in the Salt Shack Expo Hall at the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City. Because that’s a lot of “salt,” we’re spicing up the conference with the premiere of our mechanical #DowntimeBull. Claim your ticket to ride below — but if the bull ends up bucking you off quickly, please watch your salty language.

This year’s SaltConf centers around a space theme with a glow motif, and we’re going all out to fit in since we’re sponsoring the thing. The Downtime Bull will be decked out with shiny space blankets and colored LED lighting effects, while the site reliaBULLity engineer (the bull operator) will be wearing a space flight suit as he maneuvers the bull’s joystick to your inevitable and udder #fail.

Our Downtime Bull will be available for rides from 6:30–9:00 PM on Wednesday at the Welcome Reception and from 7:00 to 9:00 PM on Thursday at the Conference Party. We’re setting up in the back-left corner of the Salt Shack Expo Hall.

Introducing the 23-Second Mechanical Bull Riding Uptime Challenge

With this being the world’s first chance to beat downtime, we’re setting a precedent by offering up a challenge for even the most bullish of riders: Last 23 seconds (the time it takes to install our agent on your servers) and get a free month of centralized log management from Lumberjack.

We’re bringing a large LED stopwatch timer so you can brag about (or be embarrassed by) the record you set while challenging the bull. While everyone who participates will be given the ride of their life, only those who best 23 seconds will get their photo with their time displayed on our “Uptime Champions” board and take home a whole month of logging on us.

If you’re attending SaltConf this year, be sure to pick up your free bull riding ticket at check-in, or print the ticket below and bring it with you.

Preventing Downtime isn’t Our First Rodeo

So why are we sponsoring SaltConf, anyway?

We believe that DevOps engineers should be able to do the work they were hired for: orchestration, deployment, and generally making servers kick butt. Those things are what SaltStack is all about.

But all too often, DevOps pros spend their time logging in to dashboards, scrolling through widgets and visualizations, waiting for cold-storage searches to complete, and trying to perform root cause analysis, all while under the threat of lapsing into downtime. That’s a lot of pressure, and it’s not fun (definitely not as fun as being thrown from a bull at least). It’s also not very efficient with DevOps people’s time — or their company’s bottom line.

According to the Ponemon Institute, averaged across all industries, downtime costs $5,600 per minute [PDF link]. Some 89% of websites experience downtime at least once a quarter, leading to:

  • Decreased employee productivity
  • Reduced customer confidence
  • Diminished brand equity
  • Lost revenue

Every. Quarter. Every. Year.

To further clarify how bad this downtime is for companies, Forrester Research found that just 2% of organizations [PDF link] polled said they recovered from their latest downtime incident in under an hour. That’s at least 60 minutes (or $336,000) of SLA-destroying outage.

The DevOps Monitoring Platform That Actually Reduces Downtime

Blue Matador is the DevOps monitoring platform that actually reduces downtime. Receive zero-config alerts 15 minutes before downtime ever affects your customers or bottom line.

We achieve this by offering actionable AI alerts — predictive notifications that give you advance warning of impending downtime before it even has a chance of occurring on your systems.

Be sure to learn more about our platform, Lumberjack log management, and Watchdog server monitoring before visiting us at SaltConf17. Also, practice your one-handed saddle-holding grip before heading out to the conference. We’ll see you around the bullpen, space cowboy!

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