Sponsoring SaltConf17 in the Name of Preventing Downtime

Three weeks ago, we teased the introduction of the #DowntimeBull in our sponsorship announcement of SaltStack's SaltConf17.

We're back from the conference and we're pleased to report that more than 60 attendees had a chance to challenge the bull, with more than 20 lasting longer than 23 seconds — the same time it takes to install Blue Matador's Smart Agent on all your servers.

For those that lasted, we awarded an entire free month of centralized log management from our very own Lumberjack centralized logging product.

Speaking of winners, the "Uptime Champion" was Dr. Claudius Zingerli, senior engineer at telecom network operator ngworx.ag, based in Zurich, Switzerland.

Claudius (who can be seen riding above) challenged the bull twice, but he fared best during his first attempt, which was 1 min 15 sec!


We also wanted to mention TK, who rode the bull in the most interesting way. We've seen people sideloading apps on their devices, but we've never seen someone sideload a mechanical bull. The video below reveals all:

We'd like to thank the SaltStack team, their conference planners, and all the brave riders for helping us pull this off.

We attended SaltConf17 with our mechanical bull because we wanted to demonstrate the importance of preventing downtime. Many products available help you visualize your downtime, but only one helps your site reliability engineers prevent it.

Our next planned conference is GlueCon,  held from May 16–17, 2018, at the Omni Interlocken Hotel in Broomfield, CO. GlueCon is all about serverless architectures, containers, microservices, APIs, DevOps monitoring,  and cutting-edge developer platforms like Blue Matador. We'll see you there!


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