How Better DevOps Processes Could Have Saved Equifax from Data Breach Fallout

If you’ve ever obtained credit in the United States, you’re 44.3% likely to be one of the 143 million hacked Equifax accounts that the company disclosed on September 7.

How DevOps Helped Save the Day From WannaCry Ransomware (And How It Could Save Your Company, Too)

The WannaCry ransomware targeted countries all over the world, including the UK, Russia, and the United States. DevOps helped save the day.

What is Blue Matador?

Blue Matador is the recommendation engine for preventing downtime.Receive specific action items to proactively fix your infrastructure and software before it breaks.

With auto-configured recommendations and integrations with your tech stack, it's like having an additional engineer on 24/7 watch for you. 

Coming Q1 2018