Downtime is Killing Trust in Your Customer Support Team

When the customer support reps at your company think of “downtime,” they’re probably not thinking of “reduced activity or inactivity”. Instead, they probably think of stressful barrages of support calls and exploding social media accounts...

5 Major Downtime Blunders of 2017

When Delta’s data center blacked out in the summer of 2016, it led to three days of canceled flights and nine figures of lost revenue.

Since we’re concerned with all things uptime at Blue Matador, we’ve been tracking major IT outages in 2017 and...

Delight Customers This Black Friday: 7 Surefire Strategies to Prevent Downtime

Every year when Black Friday comes around the corner, system engineers working for retailers start battening down the hatches to ensure website availability.

What is Blue Matador?

Blue Matador is the recommendation engine for preventing downtime.Receive specific action items to proactively fix your infrastructure and software before it breaks.

With auto-configured recommendations and integrations with your tech stack, it's like having an additional engineer on 24/7 watch for you. 

Coming Q1 2018