How Better DevOps Processes Could Have Saved Equifax from Data Breach Fallout

If you’ve ever obtained credit in the United States, you’re 44.3% likely to be one of the 143 million hacked Equifax accounts that the company disclosed on September 7.

What We Learned Using Watchdog to Monitor Our Own Servers

At Blue Matador, we build products that we know to be useful and use ourselves. Our Watchdog server monitoring product is no exception. Since our beta, we have been using our own monitoring software to, well, monitor our own infrastructure.

Watchdog’s Out-of-the-Box Alerts Notify Lucid Software Engineer of Abnormality His Company’s Paid Enterprise Tools Didn’t Catch Automatically

David Torgerson is the senior DevOps engineer at Lucid Software and installed Watchdog on his systems to get zero-config server alerts.

Why Watchdog Should Be a Part of Your DevOps Monitoring Team

“Alert, fearless, loyal, and highly trainable.” That’s the American Kennel Club’s description of the doberman pinscher breed, which is No. 2 on their list of the top guard dog breeds. Those attributes are also why we chose a doberman to represent...

How Watchdog Server Alerts Could Have Saved the Millennium Falcon; How They Could Save Your Servers

Han and Chewie never knew if their hyperdrive was going to work when they needed to escape the evil clutches of the Galactic Empire. How can you use Essential Alerts™ to save your company’s uptime from going down the Sarlacc pit?

What is Blue Matador?

Blue Matador is the AI-powered DevOps monitoring platform that provides real-time, predictive alerts that help your team decrease downtime and increase customer confidence in your brand. Learn more

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